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It's getting really....... real

With this semester coming to a close, it's even closer until I am completely done with college. Although this isn't my last semester, it is my second to last. I just enrolled into college classes for the last time. I am about to apply to graduate next semester. I am searching for internships and trying to figure so many things out.

242 days until graduation. 

242 days to figure it out. 

There are still so many things that make me feel like I am not ready to leave school and become a "professional." One of the biggest things holding me back from wanting to put myself out there is my hair. This isn't a problem my peers face on a daily basis. This isn't something anyone in my family or my group of friends deals with. 

I always tell myself that I will shave my head so that I don't feel like I have to wear this hat everyday. I always tell myself that I will go out and find a wig that I want to wear everyday... but I really don't see myself doing that. I wish m…

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