Shit Town

So, I basically just stopped listening to the Up & Vanished podcast completely after curiosity got the best of me and I googled what happened. 

I decided to hit the podcast charts and just clicked on the one currently rated #1. Of course! It's from Serial and This American Life, two others on the top charts. It made me curious. I really couldn't tell what it was going to be about from the name, but it's #1 so it must be awesome. 

And I have to tell you, those charts do not lie. This podcast will make you feel every emotion in the book. I still have one and a half episodes left, but even when I only have a 5 minute drive to make, I am listening to every second I can. 

The podcast focuses on a middle aged man from Alabama. His name is John B McLemore and he is a very interesting man. He lives in Woodstock, Alabama which is a very rural town, without even a single bar. He likes to call Woodstock Shit Town, hence the name of the podcast. John is pictured to the right, with a huge maze he built on his property that contains over 60 different combinations to get lost in. He is passionate about climate change, the economy and horology - the study of time. He spent many years of his life as an antique clock resorter. He has a way of touching the lives of so many people who come into contact with him. 

It is a truly fascinating podcast, and without giving out too much detail, definitely does not go in the direction one would expect after the first two episodes. 


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