Why would anyone want to read about me? pt 1

Not everyone is cut out for blogging. Many people will try and fail because they didn’t do their research. They didn’t look deep enough into what their blog should really be about. Maybe they just started it as a place to keep their thoughts, but never developed it into something that could gain a following. To run a truly successful blog, you have to either have a niche or a really interesting personal life. There are ways to write about your seemingly boring life and grab the attention of your readers.  

You can’t let anyone know that your life is boring. Never admit it. Although you might spend your days simply going to class and work, that is not what is important to talk about in a personal blog. You talk about the conversations, connects, and thoughts you have with and about people. If your boss asked you a really ridiculous question or your professor gave you an assignment that excites you, remember the way it makes you feel. Put your feelings into words which can be made into comprehensive sentences about your experiences.

You have to force yourself out of your comfort zone and daily routine. When you find yourself in a particularly slow point in life, seek change. Trying to do something you have never done before at least once a month can provide you with experiences you might not have ever gotten or a new hobby. This can also work similarly with visiting places you haven’t been in a while. If you don’t live in the same town you went to high school in, visiting there after a while can bring inspiration for blogging. New and old experiences can mesh together and create insight to change a perspective. 


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