Why would anyone want to read about me? pt 2

Even if you think you have all the great content it takes to write a personal blog that will create a following, you have to be able to write. Most people will not read a blog that doesn’t follow basic grammar rules. Exceptions can be made for students who are still learning English, but if you are unable to spell and type in your native language, blogging in it will not be easy.

Blogging requires you to go beneath the surface of everyday thoughts and write about them. There are hundreds of personal blogs out there that are very successful and read by thousands of people every day. The following is a blog entry from The Unfruitful Yard, written by Kelsey Appleyard. Kelsey is the perfect example of someone who takes the everyday things and turns it into something people want to read about. She is talking about simple walk through the park, but makes it interesting by describing the thoughts she is having on this walk:
“As I passed through the trees deep in my thoughts, I looked out on people there at the park. They were running, playing on the playground, people were laying in hammocks, people were walking their dogs, and people were walking as a family with their babies in strollers. I thought about them as individuals. Living souls. Students taking a break from class to enjoy a day that could have been stressful due to a test, a young girl going on a run desiring to be skinnier, a man reading on a table trying to find peace. We all have something in common. We have all different frames of reference. We have all been through something. No one can look at me and see the road I have traveled.”
Read blogs that you love and learn from them. Do not be afraid to talk about anything. Write, and write well.


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