Where is Tara?

I love listening to podcasts. This love started by listening to NPR during my 30 minute commutes between my home and campus. The casual feel of listening to someone talk and the ability to imagine in a way that TV doesn't allow made listening to talk radio so enjoyable. 

I eventually found out about podcasts because of what I heard on NPR.  I decided that a true crime podcast would be the most enjoyable to me because I have always enjoyed watching the shows on Investigation Discovery. I had heard that Serial was a great true crime podcast and without really knowing anything about it, I gave it a go. 


If you are someone who loves to learn about what really goes on in an investigation and learning about all the small mistakes that can be made and the twists and turns and just everything, listen. 

After I finished Serial, I started listening to Up and Vanished. It is also a really good podcast, but just not as good as Serial. I never finished Up and Vanished because my curiosity got the best of me halfway through listening, and I googled Tara Grinstead. Although she had been considered a missing person for over 10 years because no body was ever found, the police continued their investigations on and off. 

The podcasts covers many many theories of what could have happened to Tara but they never come to what really happened. The police got there way before the podcast ever could. It is a very interesting listen, but now that I know what happened... It's just not worth it anymore.

So, now I am on my search for my next great podcast. 


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