Blogging isn't easy

If you were to ask me what I have learned from blogging so far, it is that it isn't easy. 

It's hard to think of what to say when you are someone who normally keeps quiet. Having a niche blog would probably be easier than a personal blog because you have one topic you are always hitting on. 

When you're blogging about yourself, you have to decide what other people might care about reading without really knowing if they will care. 

My blog hasn't changed much throughout these past couple of months, but it has made me think more deeply about my struggle with aleopecia and how it mixes with work and school.  I am not done working through that struggle. 

I have learned that a blog post looks a lot prettier with a picture. Although picking a theme is really really hard, a post will always look more appealing with a nice picture. 

I thought I would dread this class, and I really did for the first couple of weeks. I had no idea what kind of blog I wanted and I went back and forth through many ideas. I really wanted something that would mean something to myself but I didn't feel like I had enough credibility to write about one of my interests. But I knew that I wanted to get to know myself better... and what better way than writing. 

I am going to take the next couple of weeks to get to know another blogger. I am excited for what I learn from that experience. 


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